At our Easter worship service this weekend we were handed cards and told to fill in four blanks. One of the blanks was to list your greatest disappointment in life. I briefly thought of infertility, but then quickly realized that I no longer see it as a disappointment. Had this been three years earlier, yes, I could have easily listed that on my card, but now I know that without that journey I wouldn’t be who I am today and wouldn’t have the joy of knowing Grant and Maria. Through the power of God, we overcame infertility and I was softened in the process. I know I’m a more compassionate and patient person. I also have a much deeper faith and stronger relationship with Christ. While I don’t think that God “caused” our infertility, I do think He used it as an opportunity for me to come closer to Him. Science can explain how Grant and Maria were made, but they are still miraculous gifts from God. There is so much for which to be thankful as we close this Easter season – family, friends, and precious children, but I’m most thankful for Jesus paying for my sin and overcoming death on the cross.

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