Easter weekend was full of celebrations. Saturday Brian and I took the twins to an egg hunt at my Aunt Nancy’s church. There were games, a cake walk, face painting and lunch. We all had a great time. The twins enjoyed bouncing in the bounce house and running around the playground. That was our third egg hunt this Easter season. We also went to one at our church the weekend before and one at Healthy Families.

Saturday night was a “white” shower party for my nephew, Ryan, who is getting married this Sunday. Everyone was to wear the color white and it was for adults only, so I left the twins with Brian. It was a beautiful night with great music and a wonderful time to spend with family. Most importantly we were all there to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Ryan and Elyse.

Easter morning we all got ready for church and then came downstairs to discover the bunny had left a few treats! At church that morning the children performed, which was directed by my sister-in-law, Tracy, however, the twins were not old enough to be a part of the production. Next year we will look forward to seeing them. The pastor then reminded us of the hope we have with Jesus.

Once that was over, we went to the park and had our pictures made. Of course my batteries in the camera died and I did not get ones of my brother and his kids nor of my sister! I will just hope they will pass them along. After cooking a few dishes we then went to my Aunt Nancy’s house for a late lunch. The kids got to hide eggs again and then we were all handed an egg by my cousin Kristy. Inside the egg was candy and a note saying it was from her, her husband & baby! That is how she announced her pregnancy! What an exciting day, my Aunt Nancy will now be a Grandmother!

Because of the timing (in April), of my cousin’s announcement, I could not help but remember the time I also announced my pregnancy at my brother’s birthday party in April many years ago. I had wrapped the pregnancy test up in a box for him to open. They did not know that we had a procedure done, so it was a big surprise. We were all so happy! The next time I did not make a big announcement, because everyone knew about the transfer and was praying for us this time around. My Mom told me that when my brother’s youngest son found out that I was pregnant again, he wanted to know what happened to the other one! Sometimes I am reminded of the other children I lost (even though it was a “chemical” pregnancy I still consider it a loss) and think of other women who may think of their losses as well. It is funny what can trigger those thoughts and bring it all back again.

Hearing my cousin’s announcement was so exciting for everyone in our family. It just made me think of the girls I know who so long to have a child, yet it has not happened yet. I know when they announce their pregnancy; it will be so exciting too. Sometimes faith and hope is all we have to hold on to while we are waiting for our “big announcement.” Psalm 27:14

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