This past weekend we experienced two instances of people misunderstanding Maria and I think it’s time to set the record straight. First was on Friday when we went to the zoo. While I was getting the stroller out I saw one of my co-workers who was excited to get to see the babies. She ran over to the car just in time for Maria to realize I was out of sight and she started to cry. Jeanne went over to Maria’s side of the car, opened the door and got right in her face. Well, Miss Maria wanted no part of it and cried louder. “Oh, Maria is the one who likes to cry!” Jeanne exclaimed. No, Maria doesn’t like to cry…she was uncomfortable in the situation. One, I was out of sight and she’s in a “stick close to Mommy and Daddy” phase and she does not like when people, especially people she doesn’t know, get right up in her face, which is something that people tend to do to babies.

The second incident occurred on Saturday when we went to a baby shower. We arrived to a room full of mostly strangers and of course, people are excited to see twins (I’m finally getting used to the spectacle). Several people reached out to see if Maria would come to them and she suction cupped herself to me and started to fuss. My friend stated, “Maria doesn’t like people,” to which I had to quickly reply, “no, she just needs time to get comfortable in a new situation.” A little later on in the gathering, Maria was happily sitting on the floor and loudly “reading” a book to the entire room. While she didn’t ever venture far from me, she did relax and show her cute personality.

Maria is an observer and thoroughly inspects a situation before letting down her guard. She does things on her own time and won’t be rushed. I knew this about her as far back as her NICU days when the medical staff thought she wasn’t gaining weight fast enough and wanted to add calories to my milk. First, I had them check my milk to see if it was the issue, which it wasn’t. It was plenty caloric to sustain growth. Second, I observed that she wasn’t losing weight…she was just gaining slowly. I suggested to just give her time. Her genetic mother is tiny, so I just had a feeling Maria was going to be the same way. I was right. She just needed time.

Thankfully, not everyone misunderstands Maria. We’re taking a music class and her music teacher commented last night that Maria really checks things out and is taking it all in, but can tell that she is enjoying the class. Grant is crawling around the room, exploring and interacting with the other children while Maria is sitting back and observing. Once she’s comfortable, she’ll join in and play with the instruments or pat her hands to the music. BTW, she LOVES the drums. We will not be getting her a drum set.

I consider her cautious nature a good thing. Unlike Grant, she’s not going to just dive into any situation with reckless abandon. Hopefully, she’ll be able to keep both of them out of trouble when they are older!

One thought on “IN DEFENSE OF MARIA

  1. Great post, Jessica! Your little girl reminds me of my five-month-old niece, Button! She is such a little observer and I think that it has been misinterpreted at times as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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