This month being a mother has been very busy and trying on my patience. I feel I’ve earned my “Mother’s Stripes” as my Mom would refer to them several times over.

The month started with Ryan suddenly having issues at school, which took most of the month to manage. I don’t think they are quite resolved, but have become manageable to deal with at the present time. I need to check the status of his being evaluated by the school, but we have contacted and seen a new pediatric neurologist for this Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and although it has been a week that he has been taking Adderall once again, we seem to have found a solution which is working.

Joel has finally buckled down and realized he needs to do his assignments as assigned, not just before they are due. This will help him immensely when he is in Middle School starting in the Fall. It took him all year, but he finally realizes it is better to be checking over the final draft a few days before rather than cramming and rushing to get it done in time.

Even Chad, who just had to write a sentence a day for two weeks was a challenge. He had several excuses, but finally finished up the homework once he realized this wasn’t his battle to win.

Usually when a crisis occurs, it has been my experience that it is with one child at a time, not all at once. Maybe in the past I’ve just been lucky, or it is because they are spaced out age wise, but it can be challenging to switch gears between the needs of the different ages, especially when it occurs simultaneously.

Throw into the mix that we had our Spring Vacation with the accompanying activities, preparation for Cultural Day for both Joel’s and Chad’s grades, and in my spare time I have been planning an E-Shower or “Shower in a Box” for a relative out of state (no one lives near her at present, not even her husband), so it has been a little hectic during the month of April.

I see the patients at work who have just given birth, and see how they look at their new babies, and I now think, you just wait. You have no idea the wild ride you have just signed up for. Although it can make life crazy at times, the unpredictability is sometimes the best part. There are some days you just don’t know what will happen, good or bad. Not to mention the unexpected moments of joy that you would have missed out on otherwise.

Now that April is drawing to a close, I can’t help but wonder, is it Mother’s Day yet?

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