This week I get the privilege to work for the NEDC in a different capacity than I have been for the last two years. I get to go back to my old position of Public Relations Manager for three whole days! I am very excited about the adoption conference in Albany, New York, where I will have a booth set up to educate those attending the conference about embryo donation/adoption. I have missed this job and believe so much in the cause that I know my passion is contagious.

When I first told the twins a couple of weeks ago about me going back to work for a few days, one of them responded with, “Mommys don’t go to work!” I am not sure if I should feel saddened by this comment or overjoyed that my children have been blessed to have me stay home with them for this long. The only place I go regularly and leave them is to Bible Study on Thursday nights. They often play that Julian goes off to work and Natalie goes to Bible Study. This is the world they know of and are acting it out. I tell them that I used to work and have taken them to the NEDC office many times to meet everyone, but since I do not leave now, I guess that means nothing to them.

I wondered if it would be hard for me to leave them today, but it was not. They each gave me a kiss and told me to be careful. Julian let me know that he was going with Daddy to his cousin Will’s birthday party. The party is on Saturday, and they have been counting down the days! I have been telling them that I would not be going with them and Daddy would take them, so they are prepared for me not to be there. I am surprised how much I have missed traveling seeing God’s vast lands and meeting all his glorious people. I feel that this position is a ministry and I hope the next person who gets it feels this way also.

Patty will be meeting me for dinner on Saturday night and we are looking forward to a girls only night out! She only lives two hours away so she is driving out to meet me. Brian said he would give us each a thousand dollars if we did not talk about the kids at all while we were together. At one point in our relationship I would say that would be impossible, but now that we know each other better, I would say bring on the money Brian! I am not sure I can talk with anyone without talking about what God has done for me and my children, so in the end, I am sure they will be mentioned a few times and not just to Patty.

What a blessing it is for me this Mother’s day weekend to be representing the NEDC, who made it possible for me to be a mother and Patty as well. God is so good to give me such a privilege and I cannot wait to tell you all about this wonderful opportunity. I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all that are Mothers and those who are waiting to be Mothers. This is a very hard time for those who are waiting and I will be praying for you. I am not sure that anything makes this time easy, but may it give you some peace knowing people are praying for you. God bless you all!

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