Last night was the Big Band Bash (BBB) which is an opportunity for all of the schools from elementary to high school in our school district to gather for a competition. Ryan had participated while in elementary and middle school, but had decided he didn’t want to continue on to play in the high school band. I was upset with this decision, put didn’t push the issue. He needs to find his own way in life, and I have to learn the very hard lesson that as his mother, if have to know when to step aside and let him do so. I was very concerned that he would later regret this decision, but when Jim asked him last night at dinner if he missed it, he said he didn’t really. He has pursued other interests, such as the play put on by the Drama Club and he presently is a member of the Crew Team.

This was the first year that Ryan wouldn’t be in the BBB, yet it was Joel’s first year playing the Alto Sax in the elementary school band. He was very excited, and the kid who thinks that time stands still for him was repeatedly asking me what time it was so we wouldn’t be late. He was dressed and ready to go without being told well before we needed to leave. It amazes me how this happens when they really want something. This was also the first BBB that Auntie wasn’t here to attend. She was a great music lover, and would come to many of the events my boys participated in, from Scouts to sports. In fact, last year I think she was the only one at the track meet Ryan was participating in that was wearing heels and pearls, because she was dressed up for the BBB later that same evening. I would pick her up once the kids were out of school, she would have dinner with us, and attend the event. As I prepared dinner last night, it was hard not to think about her absence in my life. There have been so many times in the last year that I’ve thought I needed to call her about something. In the end, the BBB was quite a success, and Joel was talking about how much he enjoyed performing on the ride home. I asked him if he planned to continue on with the band next year when he is in middle school, and he said yes.

Yesterday afternoon while we were getting ready, Marti called to say she had arrived in NY, and we chatted for a few minutes. I’m very excited to have a Girl’s Night, and how ironic is it that it is at the beginning of Mother’s Day weekend? After all, it was our desire to become mother’s that caused us to meet. Another ironic fact, it was NEDC that brought us together in the end, and we’ll be meeting up at their conference, which once again will draw us together. It never ceases to amaze me how life takes such twists and turns. Now on to more important things, like what to wear for our big night on the town!

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