Words are always coming out of my mouth. I talk a lot! Occasionally, I have wonderful things to say and other times, it is just stuff. I try and watch what I say, but sometimes I am disappointed in myself especially when my words hurt someone else. This is an area, where I struggle, but feel I have made progress over the years. I pray for God’s words, but that is not always the case. Now that I have kids I can say, what comes out of your mouth now comes out of theirs. “It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth.” Matthew 15:11

Here are some things that Natalie and Julian have said.


“Bye, Bye Princess Mommy, I love you!” (We call her Princess Natalie)

“Mommy, Mommy, I have an issue,” it was poop in her panties. (When she calls for me and I cannot come I tell her I have an issue I am dealing with.)

“You’re my Prince, JK.” (Disney Movies)

“Bye, Bye Daddy, be careful and don’t get a boo-boo.” (We tell her to be careful.)

“Ah, you are just so cute,” as she pets our dog Snickers. (We tell her she is cute.)

“Julian you are so beautiful, just like me,” after they put on their new outfits from Aunt Kim & Uncle Eric. (We may tell her too much!)


“Grandma (my Mom who died last year) was here, but she has gone back to her Castle,” as he looks out the window. “But she is going to join us downstairs for breakfast.” (Now that is a God thing!)

“I’m Natalie’s Prince.” (Disney)

“Please put some candy on my bread.” I then reply, “Do you mean butter?” Julian then says, “It’s the same thing.” (Mommy thinks of candy too much too!)

“I love your shirt, Natalie.”

“Go deep, Mommy go deep,” when he is throwing his balls. (Daddy has taught him this)

Julian declares, “I do not want to share my brownies with my friends!” Natalie replies, “That makes Jesus sad!” (Thanks to her teachers at Church!)

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