In the month of May we have been very busy. I was blessed to see Patty and have some time with her as well as a bit of alone time in New York. We have got to see two newborn baby girls, go to three graduations and have lots of family time! What a wonderful month this has been. I have also gotten helpful advice about potty training and today I think we may have made some headway.

I was told to make the potty time fun, so we got candy to try again. Last summer I tried it and it was a disaster. But it has helped as of today. But what has made the most difference for Natalie is that she told me she did not have an Ariel princess dress and how we have to go to the mall and get one. So I told her if she would go potty for a month without pull-ups then she could get it. Of course she has no idea how long a month is since she asked me tonight if we could go to the mall and get it since she has been going to the potty. I told her it had not been a month and I reminded her she pooped in the floor today and not in the potty! So as you can tell we still have a long ways to go. This has been a very long process for us and not an easy one at that! At least now Natalie wants to sit on the potty and I think Julian will too since he can get candy!

Time will tell if this candy trick works and the big reward at the end of the month. I am now looking forward to the big dinner auction I have been working on for the Haiti mission trip on June 11 as well as the big trip June 16-26! Then our church has vacation Bible school, what a blessed time this will be. I am excited to see what God has in store for me and the rest of my family next month. Until then back to the potty training!


  1. I have been potty training too. I’ve found that a sticker chart has worked well for Liam. He has been doing really well with pee but stinky not so well. We are concentrating on that this month. He also has trouble with public pottie. Not sure what to do when he says he has to go and I take him he won’t go on the big potty. Pwoplw tell me to be patient with it. It’s exciting that he is training so well.

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