First, I have a prayer request. Fellow embryo adoption Wilson twin mom and blogger, Jennifer, is in the hospital with severe preeclampsia and is expected to deliver her boy/girl twins, Abel and Belle, tomorrow at 31 weeks. Please pray for a safe delivery, the babies to breathe on their own and have no other preemie complications. Please pray for her ability breastfeed so she can provide the very best for her precious preemies. And pray to prepare Jennifer and her husband Aaron for the journey ahead. May they have strength, wisdom and endurance for the journey ahead.

Now for another Wilson family update and lesson in perspective. The babies have been volleying a cold back and forth for a couple of weeks and earlier this week were both running fevers. We did our usual, increase vitamins, lots of sleep and some probiotics in their sippy cups. On Wednesday evening, I noticed Maria’s respirations were very frequent and started counting. I got 83 in only one minute. Very concerned, I asked Jeremy to check. Jeremy sat with her and he counted about 60. We read that anything over 60 should be monitored closely, so we kept an eye on her and she fell asleep, and her respirations slowed to a better pace. On Thursday she woke up sounding like Darth Vader and was breathing rapidly again. Jeremy counted 70/minute while she slept…it was time to go to the doctor. I made an appointment and took her to the doctor while Jeremy stayed home with Grant.

We arrived at the doctor and they quickly saw her and checked her oxygen levels. My miserable girl didn’t cooperate well with getting that checked so we think it was 92%. The doctor came in, checked her ears and determined both were infected. She listened to her Vader breathing and recommended a breathing treatment. They suspected that she had a viral infection in the bronchial tubes and because she has a bit of a narrow airway, she was having difficulty breathing. Hopefully the nebulizer would help open her airway. It took two of us to wrestle her for 10 minutes while the nebulizer did it’s work. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything to improve her breathing. We were sent home with antibiotics for her ears and told to come back in the morning and get her breathing checked again. In the mean time, we were to keep an eye on her color and respirations. If she looked blue or started panting, we needed to call the doctor or go to the hospital.
I took her back this morning and she got her oxygen checked again. This time, she was much more reasonable and it was a definitive 92%. 90% earns a visit to the hospital and Dr. Kamber wasn’t pleased. He recommended another breathing treatment and checked her oxygen again. This time, she cooperated with the treatment much better and her oxygen came up to 96% and thankfully kept us from a trip to the hospital. We came home with our very own nebulizer and get to give her treatments for a few days and see how well all the gunk breaks up. She actually seems like she’s feeling much better already. She was talking a lot and crawling around like a mad woman rather than just wanting to be held today. For his birthday, which happens to be today, Jeremy requested that everyone be well…so, staying out of the hospital and having Maria seem like her silly self again, he got what he wanted.

We’re reminded with Aaron and Jennifer’s upcoming journey how thankful we are that we have two babies who thrived even though they were born two months early. We’re thankful that we aren’t spending tonight in the hospital and thankful that we have two remarkably healthy babies, even with the occasional illness. Even though the washing machine overflowed this morning, we’re thankful for a roof over our head and modern conveniences. We’re also thankful that the washer seemingly fixed itself and started running normally again…saving us who knows how much money.

On days when it seems like life is trying to hand you nothing but lemons, it’s important to have a little perspective and be thankful for all that God has given and enjoy a little lemonade.


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