Before Jeremy and I adopted two legged children, we adopted three four-leggers – two cats and a dog. Over the last year, we’ve been observing many similarities between our children and the pets.

Kids and cats:

• They will follow the light from a flashlight around on the floor and wall. True story: Jeremy entertained a friend’s 18 month old with a flashlight making Nils turn in circles until the poor kid was so dizzy he almost fell over.
• They will chase after a toy attached to a fishing pole. See video. Note: Jeremy is both fisherman and cameraman.
• They wait until you are completely comfortable and dozing off to demand attention through a cry or pounce.
• They love playing with and chewing on cords.
• If you don’t close and latch the bathroom door, they will swarm around you while you try to do your business…and toilet paper is so cool!

Kids and dogs:

• They will eat anything off the floor — edible or not.
• They are exceptionally excited to see you and come as fast as they can. (The cats find this display of pleasure extremely undignified).
• If you can’t see or hear them they are getting into something they are not supposed to.
• Shoes and furniture make great chew toys.

Kids, cats and dogs:

• Whatever or wherever you don’t want them play with or go is the ONE thing they want to do.
• They manage to puke, poop, or pee in a non-designated area at the most inopportune time.

Thankfully, they all get along well. Maria is a HUGE fan of our dog, Charlie, and anytime she sees him or any other dog she happily exclaims “Dah!” (She exclaims “Dah!” to most any dog, except for Dachshunds; for those, she just stares blankly and I imagine wonders “what is that?!?”) Charlie is great with them, letting them climb, poke and pull on him. The cats tolerate the babies and will occasionally swat if provoked, which hurts nothing more than feelings.

Anatole France stated, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” I’d say the same goes for children.

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