Are they ____________, yet? Fill in the blank…sitting up, rolling over, pulling up, crawling, walking, sleeping through the night, etc. This might be the most common question I’ve been asked the last 14 months, and I feel like my answer 90% of the time has been “no” followed with my standard “preemie- adjusted-age-milestone-achievement” speech. I wonder if I’m the only one who ever gets annoyed with this question. It seems like everyone has a kid or knows someone who had a kid who did whatever at a very early age and appears puzzled when I say mine have not done XYZ yet.

My babies have done everything on the later end of the standard milestone timeframes. It hasn’t bothered me; in fact, I was not looking forward to mobility and have not tried to rush them into anything. I know that babies do things at different ages and mine are continuing to develop. My brother and I are a prime example. He followed the patter of my mom and all her siblings with walking (running) at 9 months. I, on the other hand, was fourteen months before I took my first steps. I take after my dad’s side of the family in this respect. My mom always thought my Mama Kosko just didn’t remember when she said her kids walked later…and then I came along. Unfortunately, Mom couldn’t enjoy my more laid back demeanor because she was fearful something was wrong with me. Jeremy took his first steps around 9 months, busted his nose and didn’t try again until he was 14 or 15 months, at which time he stood up and walked like he’d been doing it his whole life.

Grant and Maria are 14 months old and I can report that Grant took about two unassisted steps yesterday. He cruises easily barely holding on and will gladly walk next to you if you hold one of his hands. I used this technique to prevent poo smashing after he stood in the corner and loaded his diaper yesterday. I guess there are some benefits to mobility.
Maria is cruising well too, and finally learning to put her feet flat rather than always stand on her tippy toes. She tends to hit her milestones in fast spurts, while Grant makes it a much more drawn out process. He army crawled for a month before getting on his knees. Maria watched this and just got up on her knees and lurched forward one day. He’s been standing without assistance for several weeks now, although we think he just realized it. On Sunday, he looked at me and I could see his wheels turning as he contemplated moving a foot forward before opting out and crawling to me. He’ll be running in no time.

So, I guess it won’t be much longer and I can answer yes to all the infant milestone questions. I rest assured that their college applications will not ask at what age they crawled or walked. I also remember what our pediatrician said when I was concerned about Grant’s swaddle addiction at 10 months… “I’ve never seen one go to kindergarten being swaddled.” He’s right; they are meeting and will hit their developmental milestones…and at the very least, they’ll be walking by the time they go to school. Now, we just have to have them figure out how to use the toilet.

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