After one of the cruddiest weeks ever, I find it’s important to turn my mind to the positive and think about all the good there is in my life and the world around. I have been blessed more than I could have ever imagined…here are a few things that make me smile:

• Maria’s growl and fake laugh. She’s a quirky kid…and what makes her funnier is that she takes herself so seriously and doesn’t even realize what a goofball she is.
• The way Grant’s eyes sparkle when he’s trying not to grin behind his pacifier.
• How proud the babies are when they learn a new trick. Maria has started standing unassisted and taking steps. Grant is walking. He walked across the house Friday night.
• Grant walks with his legs straight like Dr. Frankenstein’s creation.
• Maria’s crawl. She looks like a little jerky windup doll.
• The way Grant’s eyes tick after Jeremy spins him around in circles. It’s all he can do to hold his big melon head up.
• The way they laugh at each other when they wake up in the morning and are talking between cribs.
• The fact that Jeremy will go out of his way at the grocery to find a special treat for me after a rough day…and that he cooks and cleans and does a wonderful job as a dad.
• A perfectly timed worship song on the radio reminding me how deeply we are loved by our heavenly Father. He’ll never let go.


  1. Our children are certainly a true blessing from God. They have a way of acting goofy or just being cute right when we need it the most.

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