I spent my first night away from the babies since they came home from the hospital 14 months ago. I guess it’s fitting, since I returned to work a year ago this week. I had managed to avoid any overnight travel since I was early in my pregnancy, but this was pretty much unavoidable. I am on the negotiating committee for one of our unions located in the western part of the state and we knew that the probability of me having to be gone a night or two or three was pretty high. I was excited when we were proposing a 6 month extension to the contract and, if ratified, would limit my time away this month. I was even more hopeful that I wouldn’t have to be gone any nights and we would get what needed to be done in just one day, however, that wasn’t the case and the bag I packed came in handy. I guess I really could have driven the two hours from Greenville to my home and back again the next morning, but I didn’t feel it was worth the risk of extra time on the Western Kentucky Parkway. Alas, Jeremy was home alone overnight.

My mom stepped in to help with baths and bedtime, as well as the early morning bottles, and my breast pump and I spent some extra time together (gag!). Jeremy and I checked in via text message throughout the day and it sounded like everything was well under control. I managed to leave Greenville around 4:00 on Tuesday afternoon, which meant I would be home in time to play with the babies before they went to bed. I called to check in on my way home and Jeremy held the phone up to each baby so I could say “Hi.” Jeremy said Maria got a huge smile on her face and Grant’s eyes just got huge as he listened to me.

After a treacherous stormy drive home, I walked through the door and Maria said “HI” about five times. Grant just smiled and I sat on the floor as we played and Maria showed off her latest skill of walking about five rapid steps before falling face forward. She’s so proud…but can’t quite get the grasp on slowing forward momentum.

Come January, I’ll likely be gone multiple nights as we go back to the table with the union, and I’m thankful we had this trial run. I missed Jeremy, the babies, my pillow and other comforts of home. I think they missed me, or maybe they just missed drinking from the tap. In any event, I was glad to be home.

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