This summer the twins have really loved the pool. On vacation they just wanted to go to the pool and not the beach, but we forced them to go to the beach as well. The twins that we went with on vacation go under the water and swim without any devices. Mine do not do that and I tried to encourage them to get their head under and move their bodies all at the same time. Julian would do each of those, but not at the same time. I am happy to say that Sunday night he went under the water, blew bubbles with his nose and swam! It was very exciting! He still had his life vest on, but his body was just as it was supposed to be. Natalie on the other hand will not put her head underwater and blow bubbles.

I am not looking forward to when they close the pool down in our neighborhood. It has been a wonderful summer with the twins and I do not want it to end. They love water just as my Mother did and I am glad they enjoy it as much as I do too! Today we are going to the pool where I grew up in Alcoa. It is wonderful memories of my childhood and I am so thankful I can share them with the twins. Who knows what new things they will do at the pool today.

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