Last week we were interviewed by a research student from Biola University about our embryo adoption experience. She wanted to know how we came to choose embryo adoption, understand the overall process and feelings associated with it and asked if we would tell Grant and Maria how they came to be.

It was a nice way to reflect again on the process as a whole. For me, the home study and hormones were the worst part and the highlights were making our profile selection, the period of time going into the transfer, and of course that call where Jennifer from the NEDC said “you are very pregnant!” I recall the weeks leading into our transfer being a time of calm and peace. I remember someone asking if I was excited and I couldn’t really say yes…I was just ready. That time in my life was one where God was really working on me. It was truly a time of surrender and letting go and trusting a plan bigger than any I could have dreamed.

I asked Jeremy last night if it ever still boggles his mind that they were once frozen. He said yes, but then he gets distracted by a kid trying to climb behind the TV or a poopy diaper. For me, not a day goes by that I don’t look at them and marvel at how special, yet ordinary they are. For those who don’t know that they spent 7 years in a freezer, they are just normal babies. For us, their adoption story is just a normal part of our conversation and I believe Grant and Maria will know from a very early age that they were once adopted as frozen embryos. It won’t be a big reveal some day. It is just a part of who they are.

When the researcher asked how we came to choose embryo adoption, Jeremy and I both said it was a very natural decision. We’re Christians. We believe life begins at conception. I wanted to experience pregnancy. There are thousands upon thousands of lives suspended in the freezer. It was what we were supposed to do.

And as to our selection of “special consideration” embryos, again it wasn’t a hard decision. When you follow where God leads, you will be blessed. The Bible tells us that God uses the weak things of the world to shame the strong. Jeremy and I both knew they were the ones we were supposed to pick. There was no question or debate. It just was. This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary of that selection and every time I see Grant’s eye sparkle when he smiles or Maria laughs her silly laugh, I see the higher power that put their lives in motion.


One thought on “REFLECTING BACK

  1. Jeremy had that same sparkle in his eyes when he was Grant’s age! I find it hilarious and touching that Grant and Maria have traits from their adoptive families.

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