The other day we were going to church and Julian looked over at Natalie in the car and said, “Natalie, I just love your shoes!” Brian and I decided that Julian will make the best date and all the girls will love him! Natalie went on to show him the bottom of her shoes and how they had rain drops on them and they counted the raindrops together. It was so sweet.

A few days later I heard Natalie go up to Julian and say, “Julian do you love my shoes?” At that point I realized that Natalie had been training Julian to tell her how wonderful she looked, by asking him how much he loved each item she had on. Training early always has its advantages. Some people learn quicker than others and I have to say Julian is learning quite quickly how to sweet talk the ladies, thanks to Natalie.

I am so blessed to have them and see how much they love each other. We all have so much fun together. They just hug and kiss each other when they wake up, it is so sweet. Yesterday was Julian’s interview to see if he was ready for Karate, which I won three months free, thanks to the Knoxville Multiple’s Club and Knoxville Academy of Martial Arts. I am not sure he is 100% ready, but he did much better by the end of the interview. So he starts his first class on Monday. He was so proud of himself, when he kicked the wood and broke it in half! I have to admit, I was excited too! Natalie starts ballet in September, so we were very excited to start this for Julian. It is hard to believe they are old enough to start classes. We will see if he continues to like the classes next week and if he still gives his sister hugs and kisses and not karate kicks when he is mad at her.

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