This past weekend we went to two birthday parties. One was for the twins’ friend Amelia on Saturday and one was for their friend Matthew on Sunday and what fun we all had! Amelia had a Mickey Mouse birthday party, which I have to say, I would like myself! Then Matthew had one at the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge with a train exhibit. The children love trains, so it was just a great day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends to share their special day with.

I have been planning a memory birthday party for my mother and was talking to my Aunt Nancy about it. Julian asks almost every day if he can have another pool party and we tell him next year he can. So when I got off the phone with my aunt, I thought Julian would be so happy we were going to be having another pool party. I explained to the twins that we were having a memory birthday party for Grandma since her birthday would have been on September 1. Julian said in his very whiny voice, “But, Grandma did not come to my party!” That just made me cry, and laugh at the same time. I told Julian that Grandma was in heaven with Jesus and God and that is why she did not come to his birthday party. He then said, “But God, lives in my heart!” I then tried to explain the trinity to him and that the Holy Spirit really lives in our hearts, and that God and Jesus are in heaven. I think I got in way over my head just trying to have a memory birthday party for my Mom and trying to explain it to my very curious son. At times some topics just seem a bit overwhelming to discuss with your child. I think more for parents than for the child, at least that is how it was for me!

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