Maria must be reading my blog and perhaps was a bit embarrassed at her excessive pooping. Over the weekend she had a total of 4 poopy diapers. Saturday was just one small compact lump. Yesterday, she increased to three deliveries, but nothing like what was being established as a norm. Jeremy got the last one and declared it large, but I can’t be certain that it was truly making up for Saturday’s lack of activity. We’ll see what she has in the chamber today.

Grant seems to have backed off a bit as well, but after inspection of a delivery yesterday I determined that he still hasn’t perfected the finer art of chewing. Took me a minute to identify the zucchini they had for dinner the night before. At least he ate the zucchini, right?

Speaking of poop… our dog loves to visit the cat litter boxes, and I’ve been waiting for the day when one of the babies breaks through the baby gate and gets into the boxes. I’ve seen increasing curiosity regarding that area of the laundry room, but I think (hope) I might have foiled their diabolical plan. It was actually an unintended benefit of keeping our older cat, Ally, from throwing litter all over the place and tracking it through the house. It’s a top entry litter box that prevents litter from being slung out and traps what is on their paws as they get out. I was skeptical, but it does work and I no longer have litter all over the place. When I was researching this new cat toilet, the final selling point was is that it prevents small dogs and toddlers from getting in. (I guess Grant and Maria aren’t the first kids who ever were curious about the cat’s toilet.) I’m not naïve enough to think they won’t ever be able to break into the box, but I think it will at least slow them down.

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