The end of summer makes me quite sad, since that marks the end of our water adventures for the year. My family and I have enjoyed our subdivision pool and DollyWood Splash Country so much and will miss the warm weather and endless hours splashing around in the water. This past Labor Day weekend we went to Splash Country twice and the weekend before we went as well. The weekend before Brian’s twin brother joined us and we got to spend time playing with all the kids. His brother has a daughter and a son who is just learning to talk. It was so fun when I took his picture; Gavin, said “Cheese” for the first time! Being part of a child’s life is one of the best gifts God gives us even if they are not our own.

Saturday, when we went with the Thomas family, Natalie got stung by a bee on her leg, then I got stung on my foot and then on my back! I have to say that was not the best time we have had at Splash Country. We left soon after that and I was not sure I wanted to come back, but sure enough we went back the next day with the Rose family. That day we discovered the twins could ride more water slides than we had thought they could. So we had fun riding with them and seeing their expressions of pure delight and excitement. Unfortunately, the weather ended our day too soon as we were forced to our car for shelter.

Being an at-home Mom has given me the opportunity to enjoy not just the summer with the twins, but their whole lives up to this point. I have heard people say that being a stay-at-home Mom is the hardest job in the world, but most rewarding and I have to agree. When I was gone to Haiti my husband became the stay-at-home parent (except he had a few baby sitters) and he learned how challenging it can be at times. For him the challenge seemed to be the clothes, which he said he never wanted to fold another piece of clothing again. Brian had a great time with the twins other than that with lots of help from sitters and his parents. In two more years the twins will be starting school and our lives will change so much! So I am going to enjoy this time with them since it will never be the same again.



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