Grant finally did it. He pooped in the tub. Not only did he poop in the tub, it was a floater and he tried to go after it as if it was a toy. Had I been a half second slower we would have had a much different situation. The whole thing caught us off guard. We had our eyes on Maria because she was producing a fair amount of bubbles while bathing. I thought she was getting ready to release the heavy artillery. In watching for her poop face, I completely missed Grant’s signature grunt and red nose. I won’t make this mistake again.

This event comes on the heels of another Grant poo first…he made Jeremy gag. The text exchange went like this:

Jeremy: It took him 16 months but Grant finally had a poop that made me gag. Nasty!

Me: What was wrong with it?

Jeremy: There was nothing not wrong with that. Its very existence was an unholy abomination against God and Nature.

I appreciate a good laugh, but Jeremy’s updates have a way of making me laugh at inappropriate times at work. Perhaps I should stop reading text messages while in boring meetings.


  1. oh you think it will not happen again but you wait it will happen again.
    Let me tell that it only gets better and funnier in a sarcastic way. We were at the Y one day and my Liam was in the childcare room while I was in my exercise class. Well they came to get me because he pooped in his pants(he’s potty trained but has accidents still) ok so I came out to take care of the situation . The childcare person says look and pointed to the floor–the poop had fallen out of his pants and landed on the floor as they were coming to get me. I busted out laghing(not good for my son he was crying) it was just too funny. I went and got something to pick it up and remove it from the walkway. That was probably the funniest worst time I’ve had to deal with poop.
    Now we are working on trying to get him to go sit when he gets the urge and not wait til it’s too late.

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