We’ve had a long and torrid affair. We’ve met in locked conference rooms, parking lots and garages, interstates and rest stops. I’ve ducked out of meetings and altered schedules to get together. She’s been good to me, but it was time to part. Yes, my faithful Medela Pump In Style Advanced and I are breaking up. It’s been 14 months since I returned to work and I went from 3 times a day, to 2 and finally dropped to one meeting per day a few months ago. At her peak performance, she would draw 16 ounces from my milk-makers.

The timing was right. Work has been terribly hectic and I’ve had many days where I’ve been unable to get in my afternoon break. We dropped the afternoon bottle two weeks ago and they don’t seem to miss it. My freezer is still stocked with my liquid gold to cover for when Jeremy and I want a date night or when I have to travel overnight for work. I will have to come to grips with the diminishing stockpile that I work so very hard for, but it was time. If the babies are still enjoying their morning and evening fix in January, we might have to reconcile, as I will have several nights away. I hope my faithful Medela forgives me. It was a good run, but I don’t miss her.

One thought on “PARTING WAYS

  1. well it is difficult to know when to break but my son let me know. I stopped pumping when my pump decided to stop working when he was about 10months. Since I was home with him anyway we nursed when he wanted to and I gradually weened from 3 feedings to 2 and then when he was 15 months old he decided that he was done with nursing. It was probably more difficult for me than him. such a natural rite of passge for the baby but a sad parting for mom. I was glad to let go in some ways and sad in others. I still catch as many moments as I can now that Liam is almost 3. That is difficult b/c he is on the move all day long.

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