The other night Brian and I watched a program on TV about potty training. Brian and I looked at each other and decided we had broken all the rules. Natalie has been potty trained completely since June, but Julian still is not. I had heard once you get one potty trained the other will be right behind the other. That has not been true for me and neither has the idea of potty training in three days; tried that too, what a joke for both of them.

Natalie decided she wanted an Ariel dress and I told her if she wanted one then I would get one for her after she had been using the potty for a month. I did give her the dress before I went to Haiti, so it had only been a few weeks, but since that time she has only had two accidents and they were both in the same day.

One of my friends suggested I use the same technique with Julian, since he has been asking for another party since his pool party. So Julian will get a Spiderman party when he decides to pee and poop on the potty. Unfortunately, that has not motivated Julian to poop in the potty, in fact he has regressed a bit and has had two pee accidents.

Through all this I have tried to be patient, not get angry with them, not to punish them (I have only if they do not try to go when I ask, like before we leave the house), but at times I have broken my own rules as well. Every child is unique and encouragement is the best policy. We have two more years before they go to school and everyone tells me he will be potty trained by then. Until then I will continue to be supportive and help Julian to learn he is loved no matter what!



  1. Well someone told me it was easier to train girls than boys. I think that is true. My niece was just like your girl. her incentive was that she had princess undies and didn’t want to mess them. I tried that trick with my son and his thomas underwear but it doesn’t seem to mean anything to him. The best thing I did though was to get rid of all kinds of diapers, pull-ups and use the old fashioned soft thick cotton underwear for him. They are thick enough so that if he had an accident it wouldn’t be too messy but yet he realized that he needed to go. Now he does go but we still have to take him and not just ask him to go. He stays dry most of the time. Accidents happen but not as frequently anymore. It takes longer than you think to train them. He will master it when he’s ready to do it. Liam will be 3 in a couple of weeks and he has finally gotten it. We have been working on it for a year.

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