Yesterday, as we were getting in the car and getting the car seats fastened, Natalie declared that Julian was her dog as he made barking noises. They often pretend they are animals and Natalie; herself is often, Pepper, the cat. But when she told me that her husband had died on the cross I was a bit taken back. It seems I am almost always running behind, so I brushed it off and told her I was so sorry to hear that.

I have started going to Bible Study Fellowship on Wednesday mornings in which Natalie and Julian attend also. They have their own separate class that they go to and have their own lesson. The other day when we got out I asked them what they learned and Natalie told me they did not learn anything. Julian, said, “Yes, we did, we learned about God and Jesus!” Natalie stated again that they had not learned anything and at this point Julian was quite irritated with her, he was now yelling that they had learned about God and Jesus. I think she may have been doing this to get that reaction out of Julian, not sure, but I do know she is learning something as she sings new songs and plays “Bible Study.”

It is such a delight to see the twins learning new things and how they both comprehend it so differently. They are both such a delight in many different ways. I am so thankful not only that I am their mother, but that they have each other.

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