When Natalie was born at thirty weeks a heart murmur was detected and then an echo was performed that showed part of her heart had not completely closed. This can happen to premature babies, so a follow-up at three years is what was advised. I took Natalie on Monday, to the Cardiologist for the three year follow-up.

She had two different tests and they both showed that the hole is completely closed. Natalie has a perfect heart and can do any physical activity she chooses to do according to the doctor. We were so happy to hear that and I am very thankful we do not have to go back. I am often reminded how blessed I am that the twins are so healthy since I had such a difficult pregnancy and they were born so prematurely.

I am also thankful that I could call Patty and ask her all my questions regarding this and that her sister also talked to Patty about her daughter who also had the same thing as Natalie and was just fine as well. The open relationship with the donor family has worked out perfectly for me and my family. I believe that everyone involved has been blessed as well and that these relationships will make all of our hearts perfect.

2 thoughts on “A PERFECT HEART

  1. I’m so happy that she is healthy! I think of you guys a lot and wish we could get together soon! Our summer was crazy but maybe we can plan something this fall!

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