Last weekend we attended a birthday party. While we were celebrating Nico’s first birthday party, Julian noticed that there was something missing from his cake. So we asked him what it was and he said, “Fire!” Well, yes every cake does need candles; it just was not lit yet. Julian also wanted to see Nico open his gift, a UT VOL hat no less. Got to start the kids off right!

Brian and I took the twins to their first UT football game this past Saturday. We were not sure how it would work with the twins, since parking is always crazy and a cold front came through. I bundled them up and prayed for a good day. Brian found a great parking spot that did not cost as much as we thought it might, but it was still a long walk. Along the way we ran into an old friend of Brian’s and his wife. It is always a delight to see friends!

Then the kids and I rested on the hill and had a snack while Dad searched for tickets, he was trying to get them for $5 each and all four seats together. Well, he did not do as well as he had hoped, but $10 each was not too bad. Brian said it was hard to find four together. Once he got them we headed into the stadium to watch the Power T. The first part of the game is always the most exciting for me! The game went well, so we decided to leave after the third quarter. Natalie had fallen asleep and we tried to keep her that way, but it just did not work. Brian took Natalie and I took Julian.

While Julian and I were walking I asked him how he liked the football game and he replied, “But, I did not get to play!” Poor thing, I may not have explained that we were going to watch football not play it! Brian told me that he had an interesting conversation with Natalie as well. Brian had the backpack on as well as carrying Natalie on his shoulders and he was getting tired so he asked her if he could put her down. Natalie told him, “I am small and you’re big so you will have to carry me. When you get smaller and I grow bigger I will carry you.” Then she went on to tell him that she had a hole in her heart and could not get down and walk. Brian told her that the hole had healed up and that it was just fine. She replied to him, “But I am not growing right now.” Brian said, she was just so cute and decided he could endure the weight and pain.

If you are going through infertility and not sure if you can endure another cycle, remember what the prize will be at the end. It is a blessing that is worth the wait and pain of infertility and in my case pregnancy as well.

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