Having family pictures made is always a chore. Trying to coordinate everyone’s clothes and now that Natalie has an opinion of her own; it is even more of a challenge! I had already chosen outfits for us all to wear when I tried Julian’s on and they were too big (size 4) and then Natalie refused to wear what I had picked out. So I did what my Mother had always done with me, let me choose one and then she chooses one. Natalie chose the Scotty dog outfit and I chose the beautiful puffy rose dress. I am thankful that Julian will put on most anything I give him.

Several days before the big shoot I tried to prepare them for it by telling them they would have to do as the photographer asked and if they did they would get a toy at the end. Bribery only works to a point, but the photographer gave Julian a 94 & Natalie an 88 as for Dad and I we each received 100’s, but without a toy!

The first time I took the twins for a shoot was with this photographer at JC Penney’s, when they were 4 months old. The twins were both a handful, but Natalie cried and cried until she finally went to sleep. She was asleep in the hospital pictures before we came home and she has managed to fall asleep at all the shoots until she was around one. She has always been the one who would not cooperate, so I think an 88 was pretty good for her.

We have not received all the pictures back yet only a few the photographer posted on FaceBook, which I am very pleased with. Our photographer, Megan, has always been able to get a great shoot even in the worst of shoots! It ended up to be an enjoyable experience, nothing like the twins first shoot when I vowed never to get professional pictures made again!

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