My babies are 18-months old today. Hard to believe that we’re starting the downhill slide towards their second birthday. It truly doesn’t seem possible. I was going through pictures from this time last year and it is amazing how much they have changed. Grant still looks like Grant, but he looks so much more like a little boy than a baby. I think he’ll look the same when he’s six. Maria looks like a different child. She’s no longer all cheeks and her toothy grin and longer hair really makes a difference. When compared to their peers, they are still on the smaller end of the scale or else other children their age are huge. Whichever it is, 12-month clothes still fit nicely, especially on Maria; she even has some 9-month things that fit. When looking at her compared to other girls her age, you can really see how tiny her frame is and that she’s going to be petite, much like her genetic mom who comes in at a whooping 5’3” and 105 pounds.

Last year, they weren’t even sitting up yet. Now, they are running and climbing on everything. Grant has figured out how to climb into the chairs on the front porch. It’s only a matter of days before he can climb on the couch, which will bring a whole new set of hazards. Maria “talks” nonstop. We’re not always sure what she’s saying, but she sure knows what she’s talking about. A few things are pretty clear though: cat, dog, HI, ball, who’s that? what’s that?, and uh-oh are common words and phrases for her. Grant has a couple of key phrases as well, including “odeyodeyo”. Your guess is as good as mine. They both have a version of “thank you” and I think are starting to say “drink,” which is an improvement over squealing and pointing to their cups.

This year, they have established a love for the outdoors, which is fine by me. Just mention going outside and Maria is running to get her socks and shoes. We’re taking advantage of the nice weather after an oppressively hot summer and spending as much time outside as possible. What this is proving to me is that kids don’t need toys. Sticks, leaves, and flowers are so much more fun than any toy we have. Plus, watching people do things like sweep their driveways and mow grass is thoroughly entertaining. Grant was watching a neighbor sweep when he abruptly turned and ran to our porch. He moved the chair, grabbed the broom, and began to drag it around our driveway. They love to point at airplanes, wave at cars and talk to the neighbors. Their innocence is precious to me and I think their amazement at these ordinary things is a reminder to the rest of us to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

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