Last Thursday, Julian and Natalie went to their cousin Gavin’s second birthday party. It was at a bounce house and the twins just bounced and bounced. We all had a great time and even came out with some party scratches. Julian got a carpet burn on his chin and I did not realize how much this upset him until he told me a few days later that he needed a bandage.

Friday we went to my sister’s wedding and Julian tried to hide his face in all the pictures and did not want his picture taken. Later he told me that he did not want people to see the boo-boo on his face. Poor little guy, I told him he is still so handsome with it. But it took my friend, Mary Ellen, telling him you could hardly see it for him to smile the next day at the pumpkin patch in his pictures. After the pumpkin patch we headed over to Jack & Reagan’s birthday party. Within only a few days we have been to so many parties and celebrations that we were all worn out.

This is going to be another fun-filled weekend starting tomorrow; we have a Halloween party to attend after Natalie’s ballet class then Friday we are going on an excursion to Beech Mountain. Sunday I am hosting a baby shower for my cousin Kristy and the twins have been invited to two different church Halloween parties that day; then Monday night is trunk or treat at our church. All this sounds great except I was in the doctor’s office with Natalie yesterday and she either has a virus or walking pneumonia. I took her because her temperature had gotten up to 103 two nights in a row. She did not have a high temperature last night nor today, but her cough is still lingering. Julian also has this cough, but he did not have a high temperature. Last night Natalie did wake up many times crying and I would just rub her head or pat her back. It is so hard seeing your children sick and not being able to take the pain away.

I know this is how my own Mother felt when I was dealing with infertility. She rode the highs and lows of infertility right along with me. At the time, I knew it may have been harder on her than it even was on me. Now that I am a mother, I am sure this is the case. I have heard it said, “A Mother is only as happy as her saddest child.” I am just so thankful that I had a mother that cared so much about me and was right there by my side through my struggles. Last night when I was rocking Natalie when she got up crying, I thought I hope I can always give her this comfort whenever she needs me.

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