My best friend, Emily, recently had her 2nd baby in only 15 months. After they were home for a couple of days, I sent her a message checking to see how everyone was doing. She replied that they were sleepy, but it was just temporary. I loved the response … after all the sleeplessness and adjustments to life with a new baby are just temporary. Eventually babies figure out night from day and the constancy of those first few weeks ease up.

Really, it seems that most things with children are temporary. As soon as you get used to one phase, something changes. This is good for those things that make you crazy and a little sad for those sweet things that you wish you could hold on to forever.

So, what are Grant and Maria up to?

• Maria just came out of an “I hate baths with a passion” phase. She screamed bloody murder and refused to sit. So, we tried to protect our hearing as best as possible and did an “express wash.” As quickly as this phase came upon us, it disappeared and now she tries to climb in the tub. Unfortunately, her first non-screaming bath in six weeks resulted in tub poop.

• Grant is obsessed with the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” I thought we were out of our Brown Bear phase, but it came roaring back last week. He would be content if I read it 100 times each night. The good news is that I have it memorized, so I can read it in the dark.

• They both love “reading” in bed and demand to have books in bed with them. They still nurse in the mornings before I leave for work, then go back to sleep for a while. When we’re done, I tell them to go back to bed and they turn to walk toward their room (they know it’s too early to be up). On their way down the hall, they stop by the bookshelf and pick up a new book to take back with them.

• It is not uncommon for a steady stream of animal noises to be coming from the nursery. Jeremy said that when he put them down for naps yesterday afternoon that Maria was alternating between barking and meowing for several minutes.

• They throw food or anything else they are finished with when they are eating. I’m told this gets better. I sure hope so.

• They love to push anything and everything. They pushed an empty diaper box up and down the sidewalk for several days before the bottom shredded. And the recycle bin is equally as entertaining to push around. They are kind of like Border Collies … if you don’t give them a job, they will come up with something on their own.

• Grant laughs anytime he passes gas. I doubt this is a phase. I think it is part of having a Y chromosome. Maria will let off an arsenal of gas and never even acknowledge it.
So far, we haven’t hit any phase that we can’t survive. For those tough ones, I will remember Emily’s words … it is just temporary!

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