This weekend was an exciting time for us. The twins ask all the time if we can go stay in a hotel and this weekend we did. We just took a weekend trip to Pigeon Forge. We went horseback riding, then back to the hotel for a swim the first night. The next day I got to go shopping with a dear friend while Brian took the kids swimming, to Rainforest Adventures and then for lunch. By 3pm he could not find anything else to do with them, so he tracked me down. After I finished my lunch with my friend and said our goodbyes, the family and I went back to the hotel for a needed rest.

When they woke we then headed to Gatlinburg to the Ripley’s Aquarium. It was nice seeing the beautiful Christmas lights that were already up in the town and learning about all the fish. Julian’s favorite fish was the Cuttle fish, while I liked the puffer fish, dad liked the sharks and Natalie liked the Spider Crab. Last year when we went the twins cried because they were so scared in the dark part of the aquarium. It is amazing how much can change in a year. They were not scared at all and loved learning about all the underwater animals. After the aquarium we went to Johnny Rocket’s. While we were waiting for our food we went around the table telling what we loved about one another. Julian’s answer was priceless. He said he loved giving kisses to Daddy, snuggling with Natalie, and loving Mommy! Natalie said she loved snuggling with Julian and Mommy, but with Daddy she loved tickling each other. Mommy and Daddy’s answers seemed to pale in comparison.

The next day we met Brian’s parents at Dollywood. The twins love riding all the rides and going to the candy store! They also love being with their grandparents. Their favorite rides at Dollywood are the Veggie Tales Roller Coaster and the train ride. Whenever we leave, they always tell us what we managed to miss that day. I am sure we will go back again soon, but it did get us all in the Christmas Spirit.

The twins are singing in the church choir and are practicing the songs for the Christmas play in the car. Not only do they know their songs, but now they are also playing out the parts of the play. Julian is very excited to give gifts this year knowing the joy he will receive from it. He has already got my gift and knows what he wants to get Natalie. When we saw Grammy this weekend he asked her what she wanted. Teaching children how to care and think of others really does work!

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