Embryo Adoption. That term to me now seems so simple, yet for most I know it is not. Julian has asked me how he was created and I have been quite blunt with him. My mother was a nurse and always used medical terms with me since I can remember. So, that is how I now parent as well. So my response to Julian was telling him how it all started with medical terms to follow. I later told some of my family this and my niece Brooke thought, I may just want to be very simple and tell him God knitted him together and placed him in my belly as it states in the Bible. My cousin told me that I may get a call from a parent telling me that my child has been teaching these words I used with them such as egg and sperm. I consider these medical terms not inappropriate words, but I guess it is all in how you view it. So the next time Julian asked I was simpler and just told him God put him there. He was fine with both answers and did not ask any follow up questions at either time. So, if you hear them say, “My bladder is full,” which they do often you will know I am just teaching them anatomy 101!

My goal as a parent is to tell them the truth while protecting them from more mature topics. I just do not want them to be shocked when they realize their gene pool is not the same as mine and Brian’s. It should be no big deal, but in reality it is and one day they will have to come to terms with being adopted. I pray they view it as just another part of their story, like staying in the NICU for 46 days is also their story. It is my prayer that Julian and Natalie will see their whole birth process as a miracle and testimony to God’s love for them, because for me embryo adoption is a miracle from God just as they are.

One thought on “EMBRYO ADOPTION

  1. Amen, I told my son from the time he was born that “God made him special and placed him in mommy and daddy’s care” He’s 3 and hasn’t asked too many questions yet but we are prepared to be honest and truthful when the time comes to tell him how special his embryo adoption was for all of us.

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