Wednesday started like any normal day. I snoozed the alarm three times (sorry, Jer), and eventually rolled out of bed at 6:00. Maria heard me and started to fuss, so I nursed them, put them back down, and proceeded to get ready. I wasn’t relishing the fact that I had a three hour drive before me. Nor, was I excited about the fact that the two of my three hours on the road would be spent on the rainy Western Kentucky Parkway, which has a tendency to be possessed even on sunny days. I had printed my directions to the office where I was scheduled to give a presentation and pulled out of my driveway at 7:20…right on schedule. Eddyville, here I come!

It was the last 15 minute of my drive where I went wrong. Against my instincts, I trusted Google Maps and proceeded to follow the directions even though the signs kept pointing the Kentucky State Penitentiary. Yes, the pen is in the same town where my meeting was, so I thought I was okay, even though it didn’t look like the last time I went there. I should have trusted my instincts. Apparently, in Eddyville (pronounced Eddivull), there is old Eddyville and new Eddyville and Google maps took me to the wrong one. As I wound through narrow roads, I knew it didn’t feel right…and as I popped over a rise and saw the Cumberland River, I knew it wasn’t right … in fact, right in front of me were the menacing barbed wire fences to the penitentiary. My heart was racing as I feared being lost and coming across escaped prisoners. Lord, I want to see my babies again! I came down the hill and turned away from the jail and back toward what I hoped was civilization. I looked at my phone to call a co-worker for directions and my signal read “SOS”…seriously?!?!? Drove a little further and finally I had enough signal to phone and at the same time came to a busy intersection. I might just make it! Only one more turn and I saw our signature KU bucket trucks lined up like soldiers and knew I was going to live. Praise the Lord!

I conducted my meeting, the sun came out and I proceeded back home. When I arrived, Jeremy was eating a snack and preparing for his own nap. Everything else was quiet. Kids were napping, but he told me that Grant had “tweaked his arm.” He proceeded to tell me that he put them down at about 3:45 and at 4:00 he heard Grant’s “hurt cry.” He went in and said he was favoring his left arm, but he rocked him until he fell asleep and he put him back down. Right around 5:00, I hear fussing from the nursery and went in to get them. Maria was standing; Grant was on his back, but awake and seemingly not happy about it. I picked him up and he wailed. I proceeded to inspect his arm to see what I could find. He wasn’t lifting it and it was obviously in pain. We came to the living room, where I tried to get a better look. Maria was concerned and brought Grant his teddy bear and blanket. I thanked her for being such a good sister. Grant continued to cry so I got Jeremy. Obviously, he was hurt, so I did the only thing I knew to do…I nursed him. He was comforted and quieted by this while Jeremy and I discussed our strategy. We called my mom for a second opinion and agreed our first call would be to our good friend and trusted chiropractor. He sees the babies on a regular basis and I wanted to make sure our problem wasn’t stemming from his neck.

We arrived at Brett’s office at 6:00 and he checked out Grant and felt on his arm and shoulder and checked his neck. He determined the issue wasn’t from his spine and that his shoulder was drawn forward and we needed to go get him checked further. While we were at it, Maria’s spine was checked and she was in good shape, too, no adjustments needed for either one. Mom and I dropped Maria off at home with Jeremy and we went to the local children’s hospital. Thankfully, there is a new out-patient center about 20 minutes away that we’ve heard great things about and hoped it would be quicker than the downtown children’s hospital. That was the right call. We checked in and were immediately seen. Of course, they start asking questions and I’m fearful that soon CPS will be in to investigate. I tell the doctor what Jeremy told me….he put them down for naps and then heard his “hurt cry.” “Are you sure he didn’t hit something hard or fall on the ground?” she asked as she felt on Grant and he screamed. She bent his elbow back and forth then walked away. I knew it…CPS was going to be on their way. Grant stopped crying and the nurse asked a couple more questions and the doctor returned with a popsicle. They proceeded to tell us that it seems he had nursemaids elbow which is a dislocation of the elbow joint. No wonder he was so uncomfortable! It’s not uncommon in toddlers and she showed us how to fix it if it happens again. Within a few minutes he started moving his arm again and we were discharged without a CPS inquiry. He walked out of his room confident and smiling. He was so excited to play with the toys in the waiting area, that he threw a fit when I picked him up to go to the car. That’s my boy! I was happy to have him back.

We were in and out in less than 30 minutes and we still managed to get him in bed by 8:00. Not bad for our first ever ER visit. I doubt it will be our last!


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