Saturday, November 19, was National Adoption Day. I didn’t realize this until it was brought up at our church service when everyone who had been adopted, has adopted, or is in the process of adoption were honored. Jeremy and I stood when asked, we looked around at the others who were also standing, and I thought of the special bond that we all share. Our church is extremely supportive of adoption. Many families have adopted both internationally and domestically, and now, several others like Jeremy and I have experienced the joy of embryo adoption.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t look at Grant and Maria and think about the way they came to our family. I wonder if that is a normal feeling for adoptive parents. Do you ever not think about it? I marvel at the miracle that they represent. For me, the decision to adopt was not the hardest decision I’ve ever made – in fact, it was quite easy. However, the decision to adopt made me more vulnerable than I’ve ever been. There were so many opportunities for the doors to close along the way – home study failure, medical screening failure, transfer failure, miscarriage – but, by the grace of God, all of the doors remained open and allowed us to welcome two precious, formerly frozen miracles into our lives.

While I feel a bond with other adoptive parents, I still feel that we are unique in our form of adoption. I still get lots of questions and I believe there are still some misconceptions and some people think it’s just weird. However, that’s okay. I’ve never really been normal anyway. Regardless of what people think and even if embryo adoption never becomes a mainstream part of the adoption landscape, we are so thankful for this gift.

One thought on “THE GIFT OF ADOPTION

  1. thanks so much i loved reading this story we are a couple still grappling with the idea of embryo adoption as we hope to complete our family soon.

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