Throughout our entire journey to have children, music has been a huge comfort to me. I can name five songs that really brought me through our adoption decision and process.

The lyrics in Aaron Shust’s “My Savior My God” got me through the early days after we had a diagnosis concerning our inability to conceive. “I am not skilled to understand what God has willed what God has planned” spoke directly to my heart. Ok, God, I get it, I’m going to trust Your will and Your plan in this…even if I don’t understand or even like it.

The next song on my playlist represents my acceptance of the situation and my new motivation to adopt. “He Reigns” by the Newsboys states “all God’s children sing glory, glory, halleluiah He reigns.” I realized that there was a child or children somewhere in this world for Jeremy and me.

I’ve previously written about “Overcome” by the Desperation Band in our selection of special consideration embryos. This is the only time I’ve ever had what I will call a clear “vision” from God. As I stood singing this song in church on that fateful Saturday evening, I saw their profile as plain as day. There was no question about it. This was the profile we were to choose.

“Desert Song” by Hillsong was my “results day” song. I listened to it over and over again while I waited seven and a half hours for Jennifer to call with our positive results. The drumbeat was comforting and the lyrics reminded me that we would praise God, no matter what the results.

Finally, the song that I can call my “embryo adoption theme song” is “Walk on the Water” by Britt Nicole. Really, I think it’s a great song for anyone pursuing adoption. Adoption takes faith and courage and unless we step out, we will never have the opportunities for the blessings that adoption can bring.

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