Brian and I wanted to have children because family means so much to us and with the holidays here, I remember the desire was always heightened around this time. Now that we have the twins, remembering the more challenging holidays makes me enjoy this time with them so much more. I just wish my Mom was here to enjoy them with me.

We have so much to be thankful for this year and our children are definitely a blessing. Since I have been to Haiti this past year I am also thankful for many things I had always taken for granted, like fresh water, cleanliness, trash cans and this list goes on and on. Among my many blessings this past year, going to Haiti is among them. I often picture those children who were so happy to have us play with them to bring them hope and companionship.

After going to Haiti it has become more of my goal to ingrain thankfulness into my children as well as thoughtfulness. Some days I think they are doing a great job and others I realize they are a work in progress, just like I am. Tonight was one of the days I just had to smile to myself when Julian told me he wanted to leave a gift for Santa, not just cookies. When I asked him what he wanted to give him he told me his heart. He just told me this last week that he wanted to give his heart to his teachers for Christmas as well. I know he is getting this from the play at church, but the fact that he is applying what he is learning brings me such joy. He also told me he wants to draw a rocket ship and a heart for Santa. Wrap them and put the gifts under his Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree.

Julian is not the only one applying what he is learning. Natalie often goes and gets her Bible, which she is always sure to mention she got for her birthday, and reads from it. Letting me know that it is a “Holy Bible,” she will read a passage and then have me touch where she just read from. Of course she is not really reading, but she is telling Bible stories that she has learned. BSF has really taught her a lot, she used to read it and tell about a princess when she first got it this summer, but now she really understands that it is God’s word. She also told Dad this week that He needed to stop thinking of himself and think of others, after he told her they were going home to watch football!

Yes, I am thankful for the material things I have that I went without in Haiti, but more importantly I am thankful for what Haiti taught me and now my children. To think of others, have a heart for the suffering, and to learn God’s word so you can share it with others. I am most thankful for God who has so richly blessed me in so many ways I cannot even list them all!

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