Thanksgiving was a busy time for us. We celebrated Thanksgiving day with Brian’s family and his birthday as well. That night I then went shopping with my friend, Katina in Kingsport at around 10:30 p.m. and got in around 6am in the morning. We had such a good time, we laughed and got to spend child-free time together. The shopping was fun, but being with my friend is what made the long night a blast! The funniest part was trying to get all that I purchased into a Toyota Prius along with the whole family! I needed a picture of that!

When we got home Brian and I got ready for my side of the family Thanksgiving dinner. We were thrilled when the kids fell asleep around seven, so we were able to work without having to go behind them and clean up again and again. Thirty people attended the dinner and everyone brought something to eat. I was concerned about having enough turkey, but we had plenty. It was so nice to see people we do not get to see often and a blessing to see how all the kids are growing. I just have always loved kids and enjoy spending time with them. I even got to play a game with them while my poor husband was slaving over the stove!

For Brian’s birthday, the Cassidy family called him to wish him a wonderful day. The twins each sang a Christmas song that they are singing in the church play for them. I told Patty they have changed so much since they last saw them at Disney in February. We talked about the next time we will get to see each other and that I will have to have all my family over then too! She and her sister as well as her boys hope to come at some point this summer.

Embryo adoption for me has become not only a way to increase my immediate family, the twins, but also my extended family. If the Cassidy family lived in Knoxville I would have invited all of them to my house as well. I think we would have had to have several tables in the yard at that point, but to me they are family and that I am truly thankful for.


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