The twins just started taking choir this year and have loved it for 30 minutes every Wednesday night. This Sunday was the Christmas play they had been working on. We have listened to it in the car for months and months. Our church joined with the Baptist church down the road from our church to do the play. Our church performed a small portion of the play and Julian just sang his heart out! Natalie looked a little preoccupied at times with her outfit and all the people around, but she too sang with enthusiasm. I was very proud of them both. After the night performance I asked Natalie how it made her feel to perform the play and she said hungry! When I asked Julian the same question he told me he felt happy, but Natalie told me it made her sad. I asked her why and she said because Julian was singing so much and she was not beside him. Julian said, “I was doing what my teacher told me to. She told me to sing loud!” The twins sang two of the many songs in the play, which was Away in a Manger and Joy, Joy, Joy. Where’s the Line to see Jesus, was one of my favorite songs which was a performed as a solo. Both the performances were just a blessing to see. All the children did an awesome job and the work that was put into it was shown.

The twins loved listening to the play and have learned so much from it. They both have a better understanding that it is better to give than to receive. Julian also knows that instead of giving material things he should just give his heart. They both have only asked for a few toys for Christmas and I think if it had not been for this play they would have rattled off more and more, Julian wants a train and a dump truck and Natalie wants a Tangled Castle. Julian particularly is very interested in what others want for Christmas and had such excitement in giving his teachers gifts. They have both taken such joy in wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree. After placing them under the tree, Natalie gave me the biggest hug and said “You are the best Mommy in the world!” That felt so good, since I had not given her a gift or even wrapped any for her, these were all for others. Those words were not from a child who just got what they wanted, but a child who really is beginning to understand that it really does make the heart feel good when you give. That for me was the best gift in the world!



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