Nine years ago today Grant and Maria’s lives were suspended. After spending their first three days on earth in a Petri dish dividing and plumping they, along with at least 11 other siblings, were frozen. Grant and Maria would wait nearly seven years to break out of their cold living quarters.

Nine years ago, Jeremy and I were recent college graduates and had been dating two and a half years. Marriage wasn’t on our radar yet and we had no idea that our children had already been conceived. I recall coming back to work after Christmas that year and having numerous people check out my hand for an engagement ring. I laughed and said I didn’t want one yet. Instead I got what I asked for — flannel sheets.

Nine years ago, I was living in a little one bedroom apartment with my cat Ally and still driving my first car – a 1995 Ford Contour named Selma. Jeremy was still at his parents and had just gotten a job in television production working weekend nights. He would keep his job at Dick’s Sporting Goods stringing tennis racquets during the week in order to afford (barely) to get his own place a few months later.

Nine years ago, the iPod was only a year old and the iPhone was years away from revolutionizing the way we use cell phones; Bob Barker was still hosting the Price is Right, Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” topped the Billboard charts and the war in Iraq had not yet started.

Nine years ago, life was simple and quiet. I didn’t really know much, if anything, about embryo adoption. I had read an article once about Snowflakes and thought it was pretty amazing, but it was nothing I fathomed for Jeremy and me.
Nine years ago, I lived with the 22 year-old naiveté that we would one day get married and easily have a child when we were thirty.
Nine years ago, God had other plans.


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