I just read an article, “Six Things I Miss Now That I Have Kids,” and it made me think about what I miss. Of course those of us who went through infertility might relate to feeling guilty for thinking any negative thoughts about having kids, since I tried and wanted them for so long, but the good outweighs the bad things!

• Memory, which was never great anyway, but now it is much worse. Julian often asks me when we get in the car if I have my phone. I seem to always be looking for it!
• Sleep when they were infants, but I have to say, for the most part it is much better, but no sleeping in on Saturday!
• Alone time with myself. This just includes showers, baths and toilet time.
• Time alone with my husband. We use to eat dinner in the bath, those days are long gone!

The ways my life has been greatly improved since I have children are as followed:
• Seeing God through my children.
• Eating healthier, this was not hard to accomplish, since I did not make it a priority before.
• Feeling such pride in someone. Their accomplishments just make me want to burst with pride.
• Understanding the amount of love my own Mother felt for me.
• Being given the gift of parenthood, which I do not deserve, has made me more appreciative of those who donate embryos or children to another home.
• Just overall trying to be the best person I can be for my children.

Whenever I start to miss things I had before I had kids, I just think before long they will be grown and then I will be missing all that I had while they were living with me!


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