This morning we got an early Christmas surprise in the mail from the Cassidy family! Julian and Natalie were so excited to open up their gifts. They each got a book with a cd in it. We have read some of each book and listened to Natalie’s Ballet cd from her Ballet book! Julian’s book is about animal tales. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Starting last week we were privileged to attend a birthday party for Jesus! It took place at a church near my house, in a program called, Mornings with Mommy. Later that day we got our picture made with Santa at the mall. They would not sit with Santa alone, so Mommy had to join them. The next day the whole family went to a “Winter Celebration” held by Healthy Families, and then last Saturday we went on a train ride with Santa and our friends! Later that night we attended a parade with the Thomas family as well. We are very excited to be seeing friends during this Christmas Season and are looking forward to our Bailey Family Christmas celebration tomorrow morning.

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