• Maria learned the word “no” and uses it often. No surprise there since it’s probably the word she hears most every day.
• She’s rapidly picking up more words. She can say the name of our cats, Ally and Lucy. Any round fruit is an “AP-ple” and my mom got her to say “touchdown” while watching football the other night. She also says “pretty” when she sees flowers. When she’s not saying real words, she’s a constant stream of babbling.
• I’ve been told that it’s too early to tell, but I think Maria is left handed. She readily reaches for utensils with her left hand. I thought she was mirroring whoever is handing food to her, but she also uses her left hand when coloring. Grant is showing more right handed tendencies.
• My Christmas tree cage works to a point. Grant and Maria can now climb on the couch and quickly crawl on the table next to the tree. Both have served time in “time out” as a result.
• Speaking of climbing…they can get on the couch unassisted now, but prefer to use a step stool in the form of their drum or block box. Both toys are put in time out regularly.
• I think there is hope for potty training in our future. When dirty, I can say, “let’s go change our diapers” and they go to the nursery and lie on the floor. Whoever is waiting assists and hands me wipes, which is an improvement over running away with them.
• We have not visited Santa Clause and don’t plan on it. He’s a creepy old man and given their dislike for strangers, I don’t think they’d be too keen on the idea of sitting on his lap. Perhaps we’ll try when they are older.
• Grant’s favorite song is “Christmas This Year” by TobyMac. He gets a grin that is visible from behind, bobs his head, and taps his feet when we turn it on.
• Grant also loves to dance, especially with me. We had music going one night and Jer and I took a turn at dancing together. Grant came up and demanded that I hold him. When I pick him up, I snuggled back up to Jeremy, but Grant pushed him away. Oedipus much?
• Lowes gets two thumbs of up for “twin friendly” bascarts. The seat elevation and racecar design was a hit. The double kid carts at Target sit too low and are still too big for Grant and Maria, meaning we have to use two carts, which makes life difficult if you do not have two adults.
• Maria doesn’t like any type of talking doll or animal. We were at Target the other night finishing some Christmas shopping, including for the kids, when we thought she might like a doll. Apparently, most dolls talk or do something these days. We handed her a doll, which she seemed to like, then pressed it’s belly to activate it. Maria recoiled and pushed the doll away. Don’t blame her. Dolls aren’t supposed to talk.

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