My heart is heavy this morning. One of my cousins went into pre-term labor and lost her baby girl at 21 weeks last night. To lose a child at any time is cruel and it seems even more so this time of year. As a parent, I can only imagine what their loss feels like and the thought struck me that I would go through infertility again rather than the loss of a child. I remember how desperate I felt when we had a miscarriage scare when I was only 15 weeks with the babies. There are just no words for how helpless the situation feels.

I know that Jeremy and I didn’t have the easiest road in having children, but I also know that in spite of our challenges in getting pregnant and a delivery at 32 weeks, we were tremendously lucky. At the end of that journey, we took home two healthy babies. Some people only ever wish to do that.

My prayer today is that my cousin and her husband can find peace that passes understanding. I pray that her infection heals and that God will see them through their grief. I’m also praying for those, including two of my friends, who also lost little ones this year. Their Christmas looks much different than they anticipated; may they find strength and peace in the truth that one day they will all see their precious children again in heaven.


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