As my family and I were getting ready for a trip to visit family, Julian announced that it was Christmas Eve. He declared, “This Christmas Eve I want to give my heart to Jesus.” I replied back, “What does that mean to you Julian, how exactly are you going to do that?” He looked at me with his big green eyes and long lashes, and said “I will serve others.” Yes, I said, that is what giving your heart to Jesus means. What a blessing it is for me to see God at work in my children.

This Christmas I strive to give my whole heart to Jesus as well. For me, giving my whole heart means to consider other people, remember those in hardships, honor marriages, be content with the things I have, be faithful to God’s teachings and submit to authority. (Thanks to the classes I am taking at Bible Study Fellowship I can list all these.) It is my prayer that with God’s help I can accomplish this over my lifetime and that my children will also. So as my children open gifts and announce that they already have this toy, that I will remember that becoming like Christ does not happen overnight.

Our family visit includes visiting Brian’s grandmother who is a young 100. She is a Godly woman who always has scripture to share with you that she has memorized since she is now blind. I pray that as we visit Brian’s family and my own that we will “serve others” as Julian reminded me we really need to give to Jesus for His birthday!

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