My little man has weaned. I knew it was coming, just wasn’t sure how I would feel about it. He started showing less interest in nursing before I left town. He would go a day or two without any at all, then take a quick nip and be satisfied. I figured my extended absence would probably be the end of nursing for him. When I got home, the first thing Maria wanted to do was nurse. Grant looked at me like he might be interested and I asked if he wanted to, but he said no. Fair enough. These days, his nighttime routine consists of several books then quiet cuddle time with me. I’m glad he’s still interested in that. He will sometimes look longingly when Maria nurses and I always ask or offer, but he always turns it down. I think he likes the option even if he’s not going to take it. Twenty-one months was a pretty good run.

Maria, on the other hand, is not interested in giving up totally. The only thing she has given up is the right side. When I was gone, I would still pump once a day and figured out why the right side was boycotted…it took a LONG time to get anything, then its production was minimal. I’ve declared that well closed and remarkably, I’m not lopsided. My production is a couple of ounces at best, which pales in comparison to the upwards of 16 ounces I once regularly produced.

For Maria, nursing is a comfort thing more than a hunger thing. When nursing she spends a lot of time talking to me rather than actually getting any milk, but she does not want me to close the buffet and if she wakes in the middle of the night it’s her number one request and the quickest way for us to go back to bed. She has struggled with going to sleep since I’ve been home and last night Jeremy asked her if she was scared that I wasn’t going to be home if she went to bed…she replied yes. He tried to reassure her, but I think it’s just going to take time. So, while my extended absence was the end for Grant, it seems to be encouraging Maria to nurse more than she did before I left.

I’m thankful we’ve had this long in our nursing relationship. Those early days of nursing two were so difficult, especially with our start in the NICU, and I honestly couldn’t imagine we would have made it this long. However, after we overcame the early challenges, it was much easier and hugely beneficial for all three of us. I’m glad they didn’t wean at the exact same time. I know Maria’s day will come, but I won’t rush her.

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