Grant and Maria are 22 months old today and I guess I will soon stop counting their age in months.  They are changing every day and definitely like their improved ability to communicate.  Some of our daily conversations go like this:

“Maria, do you want to wear these pants?”    – “No”

“What about these?”  – “No”

“These?” – “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”  Gray skinny jeans it is.

“Grant, are you hungry?”   – “Yeah”

“Let’s get in your seat so you can eat.”   – “No”

“If you are hungry you have to be in your seat to eat.  Are you hungry?”  – “No”

In addition to having her preferences on clothes, Maria has opinions about her hair.  Those conversations are something like this:

“Pretty?” Maria asks pointing to her hair.

“Do you want to fix your hair?”  – “Yeah”

“Do you want pig tails?”  – “No”

“Do you want one tail on top?”  – “Yeah”  Top knot it is.

All in all, they are very typical toddlers.

    • Some days they eat like pigs and some days they don’t eat enough to sustain a bird.
    • The word “no” is frequently used by all parties.
    • Can you say battle of wills?  Grant tried to throw his bowl on the floor the other day, so I took it from him.  He started screaming.  I told him he couldn’t get his bowl back unless he stopped screaming.  He screamed for several minutes until he realized I was serious.  He stopped crying and got his bowl back.  Score one for Mommy!
    • Maria is good at stall tactics at bedtime.  Read, nurse, say good night to Daddy (again), ask for NoNo (my mom) and repeat. Thankfully, the last four nights have not included tears.  She seems to have gotten over her nighttime anxiety over me being out of town.
    • They love to read, dance, jump, run, climb, etc.  We’ll do whatever it takes to wear them out!

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