I’ve come to realize that life is almost always going to be hectic. I thought I was busy before I had kids. The sad part is that I didn’t realize how much free time I had until it was gone. We’re gearing up to get our house on the market this year and we have lots of little projects that need to get done and as I’m working on one, I discover three other things I need to do. The little people in our life don’t exactly make it easy to get anything done and when I do get something accomplished, it feels much more victorious. Yesterday was no different.

Before noon, I managed to get laundry folded, ingredients for my soup cup up, the dishes done, and the kitchen floor cleaned. In my past life, this would have only taken an hour. In this life, it took four. Jeremy was sleeping late, so between getting the kids dressed, changing diapers, giving them breakfast, reading books, intervening in territory wars, putting kids in time out for completely emptying out all Grant’s clothes on the floor (I knew they were being too quiet), refolding and putting all Grant’s clothes away, and playing with Legos among other things, I was quite pleased with myself.
The afternoon proved to be productive as well. I got in a hot yoga class while the kids napped and then proceeded to get Jeremy’s den cleaned up. This included the removal of Charlie’s cage, which we no longer use, and a small dog worth of hair. Grant and Maria found this entertaining for a little while and Jeremy allowed me to throw away some of his junk. It was extremely exciting for this non-packrat. Once the kids were restless, we went outside where they ran for nearly an hour while Jeremy finished the cleaning job.

By the end of the day, we were all adequately tired out and we ended up having to force the kids to stay awake past 6:30, even though Maria had retrieved her blanket and doll from her crib and was rolling around on the floor. Unfortunately, her fatigue didn’t keep her from crying all through bath time, but she was too tired to shriek, so that was a good thing. By 7:45, the Wilson house was quiet and I reflected on the ordinary, but good day we had. It is not a glamorous life, but it’s our life and I wouldn’t trade it.

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