Can this be the month of February? The temperature is in the 70’s and it is so beautiful even the flowers are confused as to what month this is. The twins are so excited to have a warm day; they are always asking if summer is here yet. We have had a very mild winter, so it just makes us yearn for the warm days of summer even more. Winter may not be over yet, so we will just soak up all the sunny warm days while we can.

I remember what it was like to be yearning to have a baby and trying not to let it consume me. When you want something so badly it is often hard not to let it overtake all your thoughts and energy. It can be hard to try and enjoy the moment you are in and not yearn for more. Now I am trying to enjoy every moment with them before they start school, knowing that will change our lives. Our schedules will be dictated by the school system and homework. So for the next few years I want to just love on them and play with them before life gets more complicated.

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