• I don’t know what it is about a furry red monster, but Elmo is addictive. We read our Sesame Street books approximately 12 times a day and we’ve only watched Sesame Street a couple of times, but Maria now points to the TV and asks for Elmo.
  • Grant likes to rub my belly when we’re getting him settled for bed. Whatever works, right?
  • Maria has grown up, but not out. Her shorts from last summer – size 12 months – still fit. I’m pleased to save money by getting two seasons out of them.
  • Grant sleeps with conviction. Maria will wake, cry, nurse, talk, turn on music and go back to bed while Grant just snores with his butt in the air and ankles crossed, never stirring.
  • Maria’s run is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. At any given time, there’s about nine things that can go wrong with it. She often face-plants, and right now is sporting a bruised nose, but most of the time she gets right back up. She is a resilient little thing.
  • Grant notices anything that is out of order. If we’re walking and he sees a trunk open, he’ll say “uh-oh” and “oh no!” He did the same when he saw my parent’s room with half of the wallpaper peeled off.
  • Sharing and patience are not in the almost-two-year-old’s vocabulary, although it is a regular part of my vocabulary.
  • Speaking of vocabulary, Maria says “mole.” I have a mole on my neck that she points to regularly. I spout off with “moley, moley, moley” and she just cracks up.
  • “The word of the day is obey” is a regular phrase of ours. So is “no means no” and “Grant, come back here.” The majority of his time outs are because he runs away. Maria tends to be more obedient, but has an overall shorter fuse.
  • Last night, Maria stopped crying for a minute and laughed during bath time while Grant helped me shampoo her hair and wash her back. He’s a good “big” brother.
  • There are several large kids’ consignment sales in our area. The biggest started yesterday. I got 32 items for just under $100. The most I paid on any item was $5 on a Gap denim jumper for Maria. We’ll get way more than $5 worth of use out of it. No reason to pay retail!
  • Tempting the universe, I’ve started selling baby stuff and maternity clothes. I made $200 in two weeks. God, now is not the time to be funny…

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