Children can be quite truthful. Just the other night Brian told me he was in the car with the twins and he asked “Who loves Daddy?” Julian replied right away with “I do!” Natalie did not reply, and Brian said, “Does anyone else in the car love their Daddy?” Natalie then said, “I do love you Daddy, but sometimes you smell.” Then the other day she told me, “Mom the house does not look beautiful!” Julian has also let me know that the reason I had lost a DVD was because I did not put it back into its home. I am sure this is just the beginning of the “truths” they have to share with us. They also tell us many wonderful truths as well and they all teach us so much.

There are times in our lives where we need to give encouraging words to one another, but we miss the opportunity. Then there are also times when we need to tell people hard “truths” in love. Every day I am learning new things from my children and all I can do is pray they are also learning important new things from me as well.

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