Life, I do not believe, is by chance, but rather preplanned by God. When I was visiting the Cassidy family in their home in CT, I noticed a cross stich sampler Patty made for one of her sons. I had cross stitched that same pattern for the twins! That was just one of the many signs I felt, God telling me, “This is my plan for you.“

As Julian sang “Away in a Manger” tonight at our church talent show, I could not help but think this was God’s plan not just for me, but for my whole church as well. The people in our church were such a huge part of our story because they were in constant prayer for me and the twins during such a trying pregnancy. I know my story would not be possible without them, as well as the NEDC or the Cassidy family. There are so many different threads that make up the whole picture.

Natalie, on the other hand, did not want to get up and sing, although she does love singing. I was so proud of Julian for being so courageous and willing to share God’s love with others through his song, and Natalie was also proud of him and was such a good supporter. I know that I am not the only person blessed by their gift of life and it just makes me more grateful to be a part of something so spectacular as embryo donation and adoption. So, this is a thank you to all of those people who lifted us up in prayer or had some other role in these beautiful creations God made that I call Natalie and Julian.

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